Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Sunday

While a record number of people from across the world tuned into the Super Bowl -- 111 million viewers, which made it the most-viewed thing on television ever -- I joined friends at Havana Blue for a beach party.

It was a simple equation I never seem to understand:

open bar + thirst + football = inevitable and incredibly horrific hangover.

Some of the office ladies even commented on my miserable state earlier today when I scurried into the newsroom for some paperwork.

The party was great. I went swimming at halftime because who really cares about Fergie? Brianna made three plates of cookies and they were demolished.

On the drive over, my old college roommate Jeff B. asked me what happens on the island during the Super Bowl. Good food, booze, and weather can be had just about any day. But on Super Bowl Sunday, a special 3-on-3 flag football tournament was held for charity and all the island yahoos showed up.

And since all the lunatics were in attendance, I felt the sporting press should be included as well.

Actually, I should have entered a team. The winner got Super Bowl tickets for next year. Which explained why tempers flared and the referee feared a post-game beat down.

Every call was contested, spectators complained that bribes were had and the championship was fixed. "They been holding all game like that! How much did he give you before the game? You're an ass hole cheater!"

When I heard it, I thought it was a joke. No, this random lady was dead serious.

Then I watched as one of the players broke away for a touchdown and instead of running across the goal line, he stopped right before and stood there to gloat. Yeah, he is also a local high school's head baseball coach. The sight gave me with a warm feeling in my heart. Because of spectacles like that, I now know the island's very best is in charge of teaching children the value of sportsmanship.

His team later won the final and I had the joy of interviewing him.

Flag Football player: "This was the hardest game I have ever played."

AG: "Now you're going to the Super Bowl -- how does that feel?"

FFP: "I'll probably sell the tickets."

AG: "You are a gentleman and a scholar. Not to mention an inspiration to everyone you come in contact with."

FFP: "What?"

AG: "Nevermind."

So for me, I saw the very best and very worst football on Super Bowl Sunday. Who won the big game? I had to watch SportsCenter earlier this morning to find out for sure. Go Giants.

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