Wednesday, August 22, 2012

On location in London #5

I'm covering the 2012 Summer Olympic Games from July 27 through Aug. 12 in London for the Virgin Islands Daily News. These notebook items and photos were published in the print edition.

Olympic coach, new daddy
What would we do without Skype?
U.S. Virgin Islands track and field coach Charles Golphin and his wife, Trudi, welcomed the birth of their first child Wednesday night. Only problem was Golphin was in London for the 2012 Summer Olympic Games and his wife was back on St. Croix.
“I waited as long as I could and just flew over on August 1 because our women sprinters were racing the next day,” Charles Golphin said. “My mother and I were both born in July and we were hoping for another one but I guess it didn't work out.”
Weighing in at 7.5 pounds and measuring 19.5 inches, a healthy Charles Golphin III came into the world at 9:45 p.m. on Wednesday and the cameras were rolling.
“Oh man, I was up until about 6 a.m. on Skype,” Charles Golphin said.
Trudi Golphin, who has served as a USVI team leader for previous international competitions, is doing well and passed on her congratulations to the USVI athletes at the Games.
“We talked about this six months ago,” Charles Golphin said. “I didn't want to leave the Olympic Committee in limbo and she really encouraged me to go. If it was a girl, we were going to name her Olympia.”
Charles Golphin returns home to his new family on Sunday.
USVI Paralympic athlete visits London
Lee Frawley is the first-ever Paralymic athlete from the USVI and she got a sneak preview of the equestrian venue for the 2012 Paralympic Games when she caught up with the USVI Olympic contingent in London on Wednesday.
Frawley, an English resident, will compete in several equestrian events at the Paralympic Games, which will run from Aug. 29 through Sept. 9 in London.
“There seems to be a lot of walking in this city and it's much bigger than I imagined,” Frawley said. “I know there won't be as many athletes for the Paralympics but the scale is just incredible.”
Frawley will compete in a freestyle event where she will ride her horse, Rhapsody, in a choreographed performance to music. She played the selected song – a Caribbean steel band drum song – for USVI Olympic Committee president Hans Lawaetz from her cell phone during the visit.
“They loved the island music,” she said. “I think they definitely approved.”

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