Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dr. Cliff rocks St. Thomas

I had been melting away in front of my work computer one day when my friend sent out a mass email to remind all the chillers on island to get Jimmy Cliff tickets because they were going fast.

Thanks, JP. Moments later, I secured my tickets and the show later sold out.

The next day, the news editor asked me if I wanted to "step out of the box" and when he used terms like that, it usually meant I have to do something I probably didn't want to do like take pictures of a church revival or count the pot holes on Main St.

When he asked me if I wanted to interview Jimmy Cliff for the advance story for his upcoming concert, I almost jumped out of my seat.

Dr. Jimmy Cliff -- didn't know he was doctor until I had to leave a message on his cell phone and he announced himself as DR. Jimmy Cliff -- was as cool as they come. The man just turned 63 and is a true legend.

My interview wasn't long, perhaps 10 minutes or so, but it was the first time in years I was actually nervous while talking with a celebrity.

I've sat down with professional athletes from across the globe, politicians, and murderous criminals. I even grabbed five good minutes with Redman and Method Man after they held a concert at my college. Most of the time, they just made fun of me because I was white.

"Look around you, Meth. We're in southwest Virginia. Not too many brothas in the Shenandoah Valley..."

Moments before I called Jimmy, I had butterflies in my stomach. I hadn't had this feeling since my first year in the bizz so yeah, it was pretty special talking with a reggae legend.

The concert was awesome. I brought my girlfriend along and she kept falling asleep on my shoulder during the opening act. It was Gramps Morgan, sort of a Luther Vandross wantabe, so I did not fault her. Once Jimmy came up, he played all the classics and had a standing-room-only St. Thomas crowd on their feet.

I had to break out the camera for a little video action.

I saw Steel Pulse the first month I moved to St. Thomas and now I have Jimmy Cliff under my belt. Who would have thought this tiny Caribbean island would bring in some good stuff?

Unfortunately, I missed out on Michael Bolton tickets. Probably because he's a no-talent ass clown.

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