Friday, June 10, 2011

Full moon party?

So there was some rumblings about a possible visit from an old friend. Tim "Woody" Woodward is a high-powered mutant of some sort not even considered for mass production. He's too weird to live and he's too rare to die.

I haven't spoke to Woody since Christmas but I got a voicemail from him last week. He was intoxicated and he must have called me from the middle of a packed club because I barely made out what he said.

"Urn, it's Woody. I'm coming to St. Thomas with my girl. I arrive Tuesday and that Wednesday is my birthday. Call me back."

That was it. That was the entire message. Haven't talked to the guy in months but I guess that's how old friends operate.

So I was at Shipwreck Tavern last night watching Dirk and the Mavs stick to the Big 3. My friend Ross asked me if I wanted to go to the BVIs for the full moon party next week. Now I've heard of these festivities but have never participated.

Once a month, there's a full moon (just learned that last night) and in the Caribbean, it's another reason to get in a boat and act like rock stars under the magic of the moonlight.

Ross is leaving for Dallas soon so he can be closer to Dirk Nowitzki and the full moon party will be a good chance to hang with my buddy. Turns out, the full moon next week is on the same day as Woody's birthday. Sounds like trouble.

I texted him from the bar to confirm the date of his birthday and in keeping with the "no chit-chat" vibe we were working with, I didn't explain my celebration plans for him and his girl.

"Just bring your passports" is all I texted back. Quick. To the point.

Should be a good time. And after such a freakout, be sure to check back with the blog to get an in-depth and comprehensive report on all the lunacy.

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