Tuesday, August 2, 2011

More battle scars

Brianna, my lovely girlfriend, doesn't exactly get mad when I come back home with bloody cuts or swollen bruises. Don't get me wrong. She questions my judgement. My plight. My excessive appetite for awesomeness.

She saw the gashes on my back -- inches from past battle scars -- along with two bloody elbows on Sunday afternoon and once again, she had to walk to the medicine/junk basket perturbed.

On Sunday morning, she hit the snooze button. I couldn't convince her to take part in the awesomeness.

My buddy Thomas "Adventure" Layer snapped this shot of me defying gravity and enjoying life. Elena, Bobbi, Adventure and I charged the cliffs of Bordeaux on the west side of St. Thomas and we crushed it.

I've taken a few Continentals to the same spot before and it usually blows minds. I can't really describe it as a hike, a climb, or a swim. It's a little bit of everything.

A tiny piece of paradise within paradise.

I was so excited that I managed to wound myself in the first five minutes. Yeah, perhaps I was just trying to go big to show off for the girls we were with? Sounds about right. And it looked a lot worse than it felt.

I was in a hairy spot and tried to use the momentum of a wave to push me back onto the rocks. I couldn't snag a grip and what goes up, must come down.

I landed right on my back. Not sure what happened to my elbows. I didn't have a shirt I could use to soak up the blood and the salt water was good for the battle scars.

Small price to pay for awesomeness.

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  1. Love the first shot! That is scary though! So happy you guys are still loving life down there!