Thursday, July 28, 2011

Comedy on the rock

I drank just the right amount of Robotussin to counter a mounting head cold last weekend. It momentarily cured what ailed me and made me a little giddy for the St. Thomas Sport and Social Club's stand-up comedy show at Tillet Gardens.

Went to the Saturday show expecting it to be better than the Friday. I'm smart like that.

Bought "premiere seating" and when I arrived with my lovely girlfriend, and three other friends, we found our way to the front row. We were so close, we could see one of the performers tremble when no one laughed at her jokes.

It was a hilarious event. And living on a rock, hilarious events don't come around too often. Big ups to Joey Trattner, Mandy Kenton and all the others who put on the show. I think it was a success and there are more shows planned in the coming months.

It was great to see local people I've seen in passing -- bartenders, boat captains, bar flies -- get up there and nail it. My homie, Leigh Goldman, was the MC and he looked great. Even after he shaved half of his head at the Friday show...

The headliners were pretty good, too. The first guy had an immediate douche rating because he wore a white sport coat. He turned out to be a total douche when he opened his mouth. The last guy was a short, bald guy with alien ears and he was hysterical.

I had to sip a little Robotussin to get right that night but that final comedian had been partying since he landed on the rock. Apparently, drugs are inexpensive here. I wouldn't know.

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