Sunday, April 4, 2010

Fan mail

Happy Easter, everyone.

I'm not much or a church-goer so I'm spending my precious Sunday inside the newsroom. Once this basketball coach calls me back (he pleaded with me all week to come out and cover his tournament so I did and now he can't be reached? Argh!) then I'll probably make a dash toward the beach before the sun goes down on another picturesque weekend in paradise.

So now that I have you, I wanted to thank the people reading the blog and reciprocating.

My good friend, Chico, who freaks out the masses in Southern Florida, called me this week to tell me about an experience he had inside a convenience store at some ridiculous hour. He witnessed "some 40-something year old woman" purchasing Steel Reserve and it reminded him of an LIP entry. He then asked the classy vixen out on a date.

An award-winning journalist by the name of Tim "Chappy" Chapman suggested the blog to a media teacher and she used it as an example during a lecture in class. To think a gaggle of hungover college students read these fine words inside the classroom just made me smile.

It also suggested that Chappy's school, James Madison University, my alma mater, is on the right track and is turning out some talented scribes at a medium pace. Chappy has been the Editor-In-Chief at the school's student publication, The Breeze, since he was a sophomore and is bound for great things in the media world.

And last but not least, I have to give a shout out to one of my new island friends, Frank Daddy. While sipping cocktails the other night at a local wine bar, we started to discuss what our next move would be. He was sitting about three bar stools away and when a decision on our next destination was decided, he simply asked, "What do I look like? Some kind of enabler?"

It's always a pleasure to run into a fan.

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