Monday, August 16, 2010

Gimme the loot

So I came into work early today because I'm working on a story about a local public high school that will not have its football field ready before school starts. The school's gym is under construction too which probably means no football, no volleyball and potentially no physical education program for the upcoming semester. If there's no P.E., then the school will potentially lose its accreditation and then the real shit storm starts.

Not to mention these kids will have nothing to do when the final bells rings at 2:30 p.m. everyday. You want a gang problem -- you go it.

Anyway, I sit down at my desk and instead of hitting the phones, I open The Daily News and find that we started to publish the names, positions and salary of every single government employee on the island. There's almost 10,000 of them so this will take all week. Today's section: the V.I. Board of Education.

I couldn't help it but I had to look up the salary of every teacher, coach and athletic director I interact with on a daily basis. It was intriguing. Some of them make a lot more than they are worth while others are definitely getting screwed.

Which brings me back to the field. Who the hell is going to pay and get this field ready?? Are these kids getting compromised so this guidance counselor ($68K) or that JROTC instructor ($90K) got an extra few bucks?

The field has freaking trees -- I'm not joking -- tress growing on the 50-yard line. It's been this way for three years now!

Meanwhile, the public works director won't answer my questions about why this public high school football team has to practice at a nearby arboretum and play its home games in the outfield of a baseball diamond almost 12 miles away.

Well, I know how much he makes. Should be a good ice breaker.

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