Sunday, March 14, 2010

Steel Pulse concert

Nothing on this island starts on time ... except for the Steel Pulse concert last night at the Reichhold Center. We were just finishing up our drinks in the parking lot before the jam began at 8 p.m. sharp.

We missed the four opening songs but it was OK. During the encore, people were allowed to walk up toward the stage and you know this guy made it up there front and center.

You're really not allowed to have a camera inside the venue but the security team didn't find the three bottles of beer I put in Brainna's purse so a tiny digital camera tucked away in the cargo pocket of my shorts was beyond them.

Superbad: "No one has gotten head while wearing cargo shorts since 'Nam."

On several occasions, other security guys asked me to put away the camera but they were very cool about it. I was literally standing front row so I had to grab a quick video session. The sound isn't great -- I was standing next to a bass speaker -- but this band is a legend. I've been jamming out to Steel Pulse since college, which was many years after the Vietnam conflict.

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